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Short Courses

Ongoing CPD Training for our Candidates

Continual Professional Development

When our learners have completed their Assessor or Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) qualifications with us, we explain that this is not the end of their training but the beginning of a new phase of ongoing training!

The ongoing training will include attending internal standardisation meetings but should also extend to internal or external training events aimed at improving assessment and/or IQA practice.

It is a fact that training organisations who ensure that their staff attend regular CPD events, retain more assessors and learners than organisations who have little or no strategy in place for ongoing Assessor and IQA training.

The following modules have been designed by us in response to requests from existing clients to provide extended Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer training.

Modular Short Courses

These new short courses will enable Candidates to understand and be able to implement more cohesively and effectively their practice in Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance.

Each delegate will receive a record of attendance which will contribute toward CPD requirements.

Ongoing training for Assessors is key to ensuring that best assessment practice is maintained and CPD requirements are met, this means that all Assessors should attend training updates including qualified Assessors!

Ongoing training for Internal Quality Assurers is also very important, not only to meet CPD requirements but to ensure that the function of IQA practice is carried out in line with IQA standards and awarding organisation requirements.

The importance of clear, effective and auditable assessment planning is often underestimated by training organisations which ultimately effects assessment and learning.
The aim of this module is to highlight the benefits of using assessment planning as a key part of the assessment process and to provide information to enable Candidates to put this into practice.

If used appropriately, professional discussion can be one of the most effective methods of assessment.
The aim of this module is to provide step by step information and guidance about how to plan and facilitate professional discussions.

This short course will open your eyes to how user friendly professional discussion can be and how you can implement this holistically into your assessment practice to obtain the very best results.

The diverse range of evidence and support from ‘other people’ involved in the assessment process is often underestimated.
The aim of this module is to highlight the value of utilising evidence from other people i.e. witnesses, it will guide Candidates through the process of getting the most from this type of evidence.
This short course will also raise awareness about other sources of support available to assessors and learners.

Participating in standardisation activities is a requirement for all Assessors. Failure to comply with this requirement will affect the quality of assessment and may result in sanctions from awarding organisations.
This module is aimed at training organisations, internal verifiers and assessors to raise awareness of the requirements for standardisation.
This short course includes ideas for standardisation activities and practical standardisation activities for Candidates.

Effective Internal Quality Assurance is crucial for all accredited training providers.
The outcome of external audits is often determined by how robust internal quality assurance systems are.
This module is aimed at Internal Quality Assurers (IQA’s/IV’s), centre managers and any staff responsible for quality.
This course is designed to provide information or to reinforce information about the requirements of internal quality assurance of the assessment process.

E-porfolios are becoming an essential resource for Colleges andTraining Providers.
As there are a variety of e-portfolios systems, please call to discuss your training requirements.

Established Short Courses

As well as delivering and assessing the new Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer qualifications, we have been providing Assessor and IQA updates since March 2011. These updates have been popular and we are continuing to run these for Assessors who already have A1/D32/D33 and/or V1/D34.

The Assessor Qualifications have replaced the A1 and A2. This short course provides the up to date information on assessment practice consistent with the new Assessor standards. Delegates will receive a record of attendance to contribute to their CPD requirements.

The IQA qualifications have replaced the V1. This short course provides all of the up to date information on Internal Quality Assurance practice consistent with the new IQA standards. Delegates will receive a record of attendance to contribute to their CPD requirements

Personalised Training

Where these modules are deleivered at a clients premisies for at least 6 Candidates, we personalize the training for individual organisations so that the material we work with is familiar to the Candidates.
Cost of each module if delivered in this way is £480.00, therefore for six Candidates, the cost is £80.00 per person, for 12 Candidates the cost is only £40.00 per person (maximum of 14 people). Course duration is half a day.

The are clear benefits to meeting other Assessors and IQA's from different training organisations. As well as opportunities for networking, Candidates will find it interesting to hear viewpoints and styles of practice from practitioners in other organisations.
Cost per person is £100.00 (subject to a minimum of 6 Candidates). Contact us for details of dates and venues in Essex. Course duration is half a day.

Although we are based in Essex, we do receive enquiiries from all over the UK from Candidates who find it difficult to attend an event because of work commitments or because they are based too far away to attend the training. As a result of these enquiries we have introduced a long distance option for delivering these modules.
Cost per person £150.00. Please contact us for further details about this option.